Sunday, April 29, 2012

Want to Earn Free Products?

This is not fake by any means! I'm going to be starting a promotion for my frequent online shoppers! Now think about this who really rewards you for shopping with them online? How many companies would give you something as a thank you aside from something you'll never use? I do each campaign i do giveaways! And i do giveaways weekly also for non-shoppers and shoppers a like!

Starting today when you shop with me online and your purchases accumulate to $150 This can add up over a few months a year...I'm not saying go buy it tomorrow lol! But purchases do add up! Save your invoices ladies and gents! Yes i can verify them for you and i wont require you to send them to me you may wanna keep track just incase i don't catch your at your quota for a gift!! As a thank you for your loyalty and shopping with me i will personally send you a gift of thanks a goodie bag loaded with goodies!!

  I know we all shop at other stores and rack up more then $150 worth of purchases within a few weeks Bath and body products makeup hair care etc can be expensive! Even skincare! Each time you cash in for a goodie bag your purchase amount over $150 if any will roll over to your next gift! So you don't loose anything! I truely value each and every one of you and can't thank you enough for your support! As i continue to grow i will offer more gifts and incentives to my customers!


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  1. What a wonderful incentive!!! I am sure you are going to be getting some great business now hun!! You are truly one of the most generous people I know! You are always giving away your products!! I love your page, and I can't wait until I am able to give back LOL There are so many things I want haha Just have to wait a bit longer til I am able to shop... :) ((HUGS)) to you hun!!